Lamvanein's brutish person belies an analytical mind. Enemies tricked by his act will reveal their position to attack him, believing him to be defenseless, when he is actually in protection and ready to counter. Until the very end of the fight against Border's agents, he was capable of seeing through their tactics, and it was only the possibility to combine multiple Shields that allowed them to bring him down. His Trion Receptor grant him a vast amount of high-quality trion, allowing him to fight with his Enhanced Trigger for prolonged periods of time.


Lamvanein's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Trion Receptors
Lamvanein Anime
Classification: Standard
The horns installed on Lamvanein's head have improved the amount and quality of his trion over the course of years,[1] giving him extraordinary reserves.

Type: White trion Normal Cape
Lamvanein Cape

Lamvanein's armored cape can resist Gunner bullets,[2] but not Attacker blades.[3] It can also block the effects of specific Triggers, such as Lead Bullet,[4] enabling the user to shed the affected parts. If damaged, the cape will regenerate moments afterwards.[4]

Type: White trion Normal Chelidon
Chelidon Gatling

A Trigger endowed with massive firepower that has multiple configurations. It allows the user to fire powerful beams either by summoning explosive orbs around their person[5] or in their hands,[6] or, after shapeshifting, from an arm cannon with a high rate of fire.[7] It is also capable of shooting destructive rays with the ability to bend from the user’s back,[8] as well as of bombarding an area with a barrage of bullets,[9] generating both focused[10] and large shields[11] and to enable flight for a certain amount of time.[12] Lamvanein first used it in chapter 54 (episode 25 in the anime).


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[13] 25 20 8 15 8 9 7 2 94