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Large Scale Invasion 10 ((だい)()()(しん)(こう)Daikibo Shinkō 10 ?) is Chapter 60 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yōsuke, Midorikawa, Izumi, with the B-Rank agents in the vicinity continue their barrage against Lamvanein. Azuma explains how he splits up his attention, and how he was able to attack them using it. Yōsuke then ambushes Lamvanein, and with the help of Midorikawa, Okudera, Kuruma, and Tomoe, he manages to stab his chest.

Long Summary[]

Midorikawa has a flashback to the point when Yūma left to go see Kido, after his battle with Midorikawa. Midorikawa discusses the battle with Yōsuke, and Yōsuke explains Yūma's strategy. Back in the current time, Midorikawa lures Lamvanein out of the building, and Izumi uses Hound to attack him. Azuma and Arafune also attack and manage to hit him, but Lamvanein shoots back, and Arafune loses his arm.

Azuma explains Lamvanein's strategy; to split up his attention for attack and defense, but also pointed out the flaw, that the more divided it gets, the more he is distracted.

Lamvanein uses his jetpack to fly away from the gunners attacking him and goes for stray Kuruma instead, but Yōsuke ambushes him from above. Lamvanein quickly turns around and prepares to attack Yōsuke. Midorikawa, Okudera, Kuruma, and Tomoe then use Full Guard, to create a shield powerful enough to block Lamvanein's attack, and then Yōsuke proceeds to stab him in the chest.

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