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Large-Scale Invasion 14 ((だい)()()(しん)(こう)Daikibo Shinkō 14 ?) is Chapter 65 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Jin continues his fight with Hyuse. Jin easily manages to subdue him. Meanwhile, Enedra continues his assault on the base, but Suwa Squad lures him to the training room and begins to fight him.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse brings his fight with Jin into a dark tunnel so that Jin cannot see him, thus Hyuse gains the upper hand. He manages to get his shards into Jin's arm, and pin him to the wall. Jin makes a revelation, that Hyuse would be abandoned, which aggravates the latter. He attempts to attack Jin, only for Jin to capture him with Escudo. Jin reveals his Side Effect, clairvoyance.

Meanwhile, Usami informs Karasuma that a humanoid Neighbor infiltrated the base, which is why he can't enter.

At the base, bodies of Border employees lay on the ground as Enedra continues his attack. While an evacuation of the building takes place, the engineers in the laboratory are still there. Shinoda orders the rescue team to head to the site of the attack when Enedra leaves. While Enedra plans to go after more people, Suwa Unit begins to shoot at him, luring him into the training room, where they can regenerate their Trion bodies if damaged, and their battle begins.

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ワールドトリガー 第65話 予告動画


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