Large-Scale Invasion 16 (大規模侵攻⑯ Daikibo Shinkō 16?) is chapter 67 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

Midorikawa, Yoneya, and Izumi help Karasuma and the others against the Rabbits. Osamu and Chika combine their abilities to launch an attack which completely decimates a Rabbit. Hairein decides to join the battle as things become more difficult.

Long SummaryEdit

Karasuma orders everyone to flee from the Rabbits as there were too many to handle. However, Izumi, Midorikawa, and Yoneya arrived and took them on. Karasuma explains the situation to the three, and they begin their battle. Everyone is in awe at Izumi's Shooter abilities, and Osamu recognizes his emblem as A-Rank #1. One Rabbit chases Osamu, Chika, and Natsume. At first, Osamu was helpless against the Rabbit. But he remembers a training session with Ai Kitora, where Karasuma explained that the main advantage of ranged combatants was that they had more control than melee weapons, and teams up with Chika to launch a powerful Asteroid attack, enough to decimate the Trion Soldier. This attacks piques Hairein's attention, and he decides to join the battle himself to end things.

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ワールドトリガー 第67話 予告動画

ワールドトリガー 第67話 予告動画


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