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Large-Scale Invasion 2 (大規模侵攻 ➁ Daikibo Shinkō 2?) is chapter 45 of the World Trigger manga.

Short summary[]

Suwa, Kuruma and Azuma units each face off against a new Trion Warrior. As they faced with the new enemy, Kaorai from Azuma unit is almost captured, but Suwa is captured. Kazama unit arrives and manages to rescue the rest of Suwa Unit.

Long summary[]

Somewhere inside the Danger Zone, Border agents are at a loss, facing with a new enemy. Okudera tells Azuma to go help the others, but is suddenly attacked and sent flying through several walls with one hit. Not waiting for Okudera to come back, Koarai jumps forward but is caught instead. When he tries to stab it, the Trion Warrior rips off Koarai's arms and opens a compartment inside its chest. Thin metal arms reach out from inside and attempt to grasp Koarai. Azuma fires a shot at the Trion Warrior, but it deflects Azuma's Ibis shot as Koarai screams Azuma's name. In desperation, Azuma shoots Koarai, causing him to bail out, and then radios in to HQ to tell them about the new Trion Warriors and their intent on capturing Border Members.

Overhearing the warning from HQ, Replica informs Shinoda that this new Trion Warrior is most likely a Capturing Trion Warrior previously in development by Aftokrator, called a Rabbit, designed specifically to capture Trigger holders. Replica warns that no one should attempt to fight a Rabbit alone, or they will be captured.

Meanwhile, Suwa Unit is under attack by a Rabbit. When their attacks failed, Tsutsumi tells Sasamori to wrench open its armor. However, before he could do it, the Rabbit retaliates by electrocuting Sasamori, knocking him out. As Tsutsumi tries to save Sasamori, Suwa fires a covering shot. While holding the unconscious Sasamori, Tsutsumi watches in horror as Suwa is captured. Then, the Rabbit moves forward to strike both Tsutsumi and Sasamori. Fortunately, Kazama Unit manages to save them at the last moment. Kazama warns Kikuchihara not to underestimate the Rabbit on its size. Tsutsumi asks to join them, but Kazama coldly tells him to stay back.

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