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Large-Scale Invasion 8 ((だい)()()(しん)(こう)Daikibo Shinkō 8 ?) is Chapter 58 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu, Chika, Kyōsuke Karasuma, and the other C-Rank trainees flee the battle with Hyuse and Viza to rendezvous with Jin and Yūma (unbeknownst to the former). Meanwhile, Midorikawa, Yoneya, and Izumi prepare to attack Lamvanein.

Long Summary[]

Jin clarifies to Yūma and Arashiyama that Osamu's death is not certain to happen. He explains that he receive permission from Kido to Yūma to rendezvous with Karasuma and Osamu.

The battle between Tamakoma First and the two humanoid Neighbors, Viza, and Hyuse continues. Konami finds that Viza's Trigger is dangerous when attacking him. With Karasuma and Kizaki, they use tactics to get Hyuse to thin his defense and then attack him, with Kizaki being able to punch him. He then proceeds to attack Chika, and then physically attract her to him with some invisible force. Kizaki then deduces that Hyuse' Trigger used magnetism, which could be used to drag others to him, or repel and weaken the attacks of foes. In response to the situation, Karasuma decides to take the C-Rank agents with him to the base with Osamu.

The B-Rank teams fighting Lamvanein continue to face difficulty. He decides to leave and go help Hyuse and Viza. Watching from a building, Midorikawa asks Yoneya what they should do. Izumi responds that they should attack him then and there, to which Yoneya agrees to.

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