Lead Bullet Users
Shūji Miwa
Miwa Lead Bullet1
Miwa's Lead Bullet is an improved version: a single shot assigns a burden of 100 kilograms.[1] He uses it in conjunction with Asteroid to slow down or restrain an opponent, thanks to its ability to not interact with incorporeal Triggers, such as Border's Shield and Alektor's bullets.[2] However, in return, it consumes a large amount of trion and has very low range and bullet speed, requiring the user to be close to the target and possess the agility of an Attacker and the ability to shoot while moving,[3] further highlighting Miwa's skills.[4] Thanks to the customization, he can also use other Triggers while firing it, and also shoot through his own Shield.[3]

Hitoshi Matsushiro
Chika Amatori
Chika Lightning
Following Yuzuru Ema's advice, Chika added Lead Bullet to her Trigger set, becoming more of active piece in combat. By combining it with Lightning, which she uses to snipe at opponents from afar and hinder their movements to support her teammates. Despite the muzzle velocity reduction caused by Lead Bullet, the bullet speed is combat standard thanks to her trion capacity and Lightning's properties.[5] On top of allowing her to overcome her fear of harming others, Lead Bullet prevents Shields from stopping her bullets,[6] which is particularly useful with Lightning, as it can be blocked with a normal Shield.[7] The primary downside is that she cannot keep Bagworm active while firing, but her Ibis shots are still more noticeable, and it is better than shooting bullets that will miss.[6] Should an opponent get close to her, however, she can use Lead Bullet in yet another way that is unique to her, in conjunction with Hound. It has low speed and range,[8] but since it bypasses Shields and pursues the target,[9] it remains an exceptional defensive measure. Furthermore, due to the number of bullets, it cannot be easily avoided or blocked with a physical barrier.[10] The only way to counter it is to force her to activate her own Shield, since the combo requires her to utilize both the main and the sub.[11] These two techniques make Chika a fearsome opponent at all ranges. Chika also added Lead Bullet to Asteroid, with which she managed to maintain decent range and speed for up to 30 meters,[8] and Ibis, which creates massive weights upon contact.[12] However, the two combinations were rejected due to being impractical, the first because it left her too exposed,[8] the latter because the bullets were extremely slow.[13] Chika first used Lead Bullet in chapter 119 (episode 72 in the anime).