Lightning Users
Hayato Uno
Tōru Narasaka
Shōhei Kodera
Yuzuru Ema
Kōji Oki
Lightning (Oki)
As a member of a top tier unit, Oki is quite proficient with Lightning. He can use it to force other Snipers into hiding, preventing them from attacking with its high rate of fire.[1] He first used it in Chapter 157.

Kazuto Tonooka
Haruaki Azuma
Azuma (Lightning)
Although Lightning is not Azuma's primary Trigger, he is extremely skilled with it. With his ability to change targets at incredible speed, he can make the most of its high rate of fire, shooting Kuga in different spots so he could not defend[2] and hitting Hiro Kitazoe's Meteora bullets in mid-air without wasting a single shot,[3] a feat that the Gunner, a former A-Rank agent with a capable Sniper on his own team, regarded as outstanding.[4]

Taichi Betsuyaku
Betsuyaku Lightning1
Betsuyaku activates Lightning to fight alongside Tatsuya Kuruma at mid-range like a Gunner, exploiting its high rate of fire.[5] He is first seen using it in Chapter 100.

Akane Hiura
Lightning (Akane)
Hiura uses Lightning for quick and rapid fire against her opponent, particularly when the weather does not allow for long-distance sniping. She's first seen using it in Chapter 96 (Episode 44 in the anime).

Yukito Otokawa
Tokiya Saitō
Chika Amatori
Chika Lightning
Chika's new main Trigger is Lightning. She uses it in conjunction with Lead Bullet, an idea conceived by Mirai Hatohara[6] and suggested to Chika by Yuzuru Ema as a way to get her used to shooting directly at the opponent.[7] This combination only works thanks to her massive trion capacity, which increases Lightning's muzzle velocity, as the amount of trion needed for Lead Bullet decreases bullet speed.[8] She first used it in chapter 119 (episode 72 in the anime).

Temporary/Former Users
Izuho Natsume
Natsume Lightning
Natsume was seen holding Lightning when, along with the other recruits, she tried out all Sniper rifles.[9] In the anime, she was chosen to demonstrate its features, and she managed to hit the center of the target. She's first seen using it in Chapter 34 (Episode 17 in the anime).