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Yuma ring

Maps known to be used in rank battles in border:

Name Image Usage Description
Cityscape A
Round 6 (vs. Oji Unit vs. Ikoma Unit)
  • Typical Map
  • Most Common
  • Variety of Buildings
Cityscape B
Round 4 (vs. Azuma Unit vs. Ninomiya Unit vs. Kageura Unit)
  • Varying Buildings
  • Mixture between small and open areas.
Cityscape C
Round 2 (vs. Suwa Unit vs. Arafune Unit)
  • Hilly
  • Short Buildings
Cityscape D
Round 7 (vs. Suzunari-1 vs. Azuma Unit vs. Kageura Unit)
  • Tall, Narrow Buildings
  • Large Shopping Mall in Center
  • Mall Has 6 Levels
Riverside A
Round 3 (vs. Nasu Unit vs. Suzunari-1)
  • Varying Buildings
  • Large River in Center
  • Singular Bridge Connecting the Two Sides of River
Industrial Zone
Round 5 (vs. Katori Unit vs. Kakizaki Unit)
  • Narrow Paths
  • Varying Buildings
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