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This page is about Chapter 193. For other uses, see Masataka Ninomiya (disambiguation).

Masataka Ninomiya 4 ((にの)(みや) (まさ)(たか)Ninomiya Masataka 4 ?) is Chapter 193 of the World Trigger Manga.

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Short Summary[]

Yuba bails out due to Ninomiya, Ōji then explains how Ninomiya did it while also comparing it to Hyuse's delayed shots during their previous match.

Ninomiya then uses meteor to bomb the nearby area so Osamu can't make any nearby wire zones, This causes a stalemeate so Taketomi asks Kurauchi a question about what composite bullet did Ninomiya use eariler. He then reveals that it was Hornet and then he explains how Hound works.

Izumi then wonders if Chika really can't shoot but Karasuma say with how Chika is acting she might be able to in the end, at the same time Tamakoma Second gets ready for the final showdown.

Long Summary[]

Yuba bails out due to Ninomiya's bullets splitting him in half, while Yūma sees the bailout smoke Taketomi talks about how it is now a 3v3 match between Tamakoma Second and Ninomiya Squad but she herself isn't sure how Yuba bailed out.

The reason for her confusion is that Yuba seemingly made it past the bullets but another wave got him, Ōji says what he think happened: Ninomiya shot two Hound cubes but at different heights to make a delay between the two, he then compares it to an outdoors version of Hyuse's delayed shots from their previous match, which earns Ninomiya praise from Kurauchi and Taketomi.

Taketomi then gives a short summary of, Yuba's explosive power wasn't enough to match Ninomiya's technical talent but Konami says things would be different if Obishima survived as when it comes to 1v1 matches, Yuba feels like he has to step up to the challenge.

Both Squads then decide to retreat and regroup but have opposite ideas as while Ninomiya Squad has no one using bagworm with Ninomiya himself deciding to bomb the nearby buildings to prevent more nearby wire zones, all of Tamakoma Second decide to turn on bagworm.

Ninomiya Squad's decision makes Hokari think that they are sitting ducks as they are open to Chika's Ibis Sniping and her shooter triggers. But Arafune says that he is sure Ninomiya has taken that into consideration as with how there is only Tamakoma Second on the field it will be harder for Chika to shoot at them unexpectedly. There is also the fact that if Chika can't gurantee that her attacks will do any damage then all she has done is give away her position which is what Ninomiya wants.

Izumi wonders if Tamakoma has any moves that isn't Chika just bombing everything, Karasuma explains that they made two different strategies but both relied on Hyuse meeting up with either Chika and focus on firepower or meet up with Yūma to do some combo moves but Hyuse is gone Izumi is curious what else they could do. Karasuma says that Osamu will have to fill Hyuse's role but Kitora says it would be difficult as other than his wires being borderline useless, there is a massive gap in skill and experience to which Karasuma agrees with but says Osamu knows that better than anyone else.

Ōji comments on how it is now a stalemate and wishes he brought something to drink, Taketomi then asks Kurauchi about the rare Composite Bullet Ninomiya used earlier to which he replies that it is called Hornet. Kurauchi says to explain Hornet, you have to explain Hound first,

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