Kageura is the leader of a former A-Rank Unit, currently the ranked second in B-Rank. Despite his position, however, he hardly ever takes command of his unit, prioritizing his own entertainment over strategy,[1] although he will not take courses of actions that would compromise his unit's chances too much,[2][3] and watches the logs only of opponents who elicit his interest.[4][5] That Kageura Unit holds such a high ranking nonetheless goes to show just how powerful its members are. Kageura's combat prowess in particular makes him one of Border's top Attackers. He has a low solo ranking due to a punitive 10.000 point deduction,[6] but his original score put him above the current no. 4 Attacker Kō Murakami.[7] Kageura is in fact one of the four Attackers Murakami has more losses than wins against, and whom he deems stronger than himself.[8] According to Karin Yuitsuka, Kageura's fighting style is centered on the unpredictability of his Scorpions combined with a relentless stream of attacks.[9] After multiple solo matches against Murakami and Yūma Kuga, Kageura boasts the highest victory ratio of the three: 59.5% against Murakam, ithus proving himself creative enough to repeatedly best the latter despite his Side Effect, and of 52.4% against Yūma,[10] even though Kageura's own Side Effect is not triggered by Yūma.[11] The first time the two fought, the two clashed for a relatively long amount of time, with Kageura managing to prevent Yūma from running to his teammates and lightly injuring him despite the terrain being snowy and his opponent having Grasshopper in his Trigger Set. Even after the loss of an arm he managed to put up a fight first against Murakami and Tatsuya Kuruma[12] and right afterwards against Yūma and Hyuse.[13]

Nozomi Kako commented that Kageura has excellent reactions and intuition, which, coupled with his Side Effect, make surprise attacks ineffective against him and drastically reduce the disadvantage of being outnumbered.[14]

Side EffectEdit

Kageura's Side Effect (68)

Emotion Perception: Kageura possesses a Side Effect which allows him to perceive emotions directed at him from others, "pricking" his skin with a certain sensation. Different feelings correspond to different sensations. The more negative the emotion, the more unpleasant the sensation.[15] Although unpleasant enough to cause Kageura to despise it,[16] this Side Effect is extremely useful in battle, since, by allowing him to perceive hostile intentions and the direction they come from, it makes him immine to sniping and sneak attacks.[14] The accuracy with which he can predict where he will be struck allows him to dodge attacks he would be unable to dodge otherwise,[17] and to do so without relying on any other sense.[18] His confrontation with Hyuse revealed that Kageura can anticipate where every single bullet of a trion cube will land.[19] Haruaki Azuma and Yūma are the only two people he has ever fought on whom his Side Effect does not work, as they can attack him impassionately.[11]


Masato Kageura's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Scorpion

Kageura stakes Inukai

Kageura Scorpion

Kageura Branching Blade (171)

Classification: AT Attacker
Kageura is one of Border's most skilled Scorpion users. With this Trigger he outranked Kō Murakami[7] prior to being demoted,[6] and is recognized by the latter as the superior swordsman.[8] Rather than hold the Trigger by its grip, he prefers to have it protrude from the side of his hand[20][21] and very often dispels it right after a barrage of attacks, strengthening the impression that he is fighting with his bare hands. At close range he can throw both Scorpions to finish off his opponent brutally and swiftly.[22] Although he rarely does so, he is capable of shape-shifting the blade and making it circulate through his body to parry strikes from angles he could not defend from in other ways.[23] On the other hand, it is not uncommon for him to keep the opponent at mid-range and relentlessly assault them with Mantis.[24] Kageura is first seen using Scorpion in Chapter 109 (Episode 67 in the anime).

Mantis (マンティス Mantisu?): A technique invented by Kageura himself wherein he merges and extends two Scorpions to perform a fast, mid-ranged attack similar to a whiplash.[25] Yūma Kuga was impressed with the speed of this attack,[26] whereas two C-Rank trainees could not even see them.[27] Although it generally has a piercing effect,[28] Kageura has mastered Mantis to the point that he can use it to slash all around himself.[23] Additionally, he can launch it multiple times in a row[24] and have it curve around obstacles to strike the target from unexpected angles.[29] He can also use it as a grappling hook to scale buildings quickly and maneuver in mid-air.[30]

Branch Blade (枝刃(ブランチブレード) Buranchi Burēdo?): Kageura can split his Scorpions into multiple blades and have them emerge from different areas of his body. He used this technique to escape from Tamakoma Second after having both legs blown off by Hyuse.[31]

Type: White trion Normal Shield

Kageura Shield anime

Kageura Full Guard (170)

Classification: DE Defense
Due to his Side Effect and aggressive fighting style, Kageura rarely deploys his Shield. When he does, he maintains its default hexagonal shape. He also gives it a constant size, making two overlapping barriers large enough to cover most of his body.[32][33] One of his Shields is durable enough to withstand Masataka Ninomiya's unfocused Full Attack Hound bombardment,[34] while his Full Guard did not crack or let any shots through when exposed to half of Hyuse's Viper bullets.[33] Kageura is first seen using Shield in Chapter 115 (Episode 70 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Kageura (Bagworm)
Classification: OP Optional
Since he prefers going on the offensive and challenging his rivals openly, Kageura seldomly wears Bagworm. His teammates managed to convince him to do so only when his only remaining opponents were Ninomiya and Azuma and the snow impeded him, forcing him to hide.[2] Kageura is first seen using Bagworm in Chapter 115 (Episode 70 in the anime).


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[35] 7 12 5 7 9 2 4 5 51


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