He is second son of an okonomiyaki restaurant who was dropped down to B-rank after throwing an uppercut at Netsuki-san. Holds a top class tiresome Side Effect within the story, but his teeth were just a little too serrated for him to walk the path of a good boy who gathers everyone’s warm gazes.

As a result of his Side Effect, Yūma hypothesized he had a rough childhood which led to his belligerent personality. His unit used to be A-Class #6, but after he attacked Netsuki, they were demoted to B-Class.[1]

B-Rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

He is first mentioned by Arafune in Murakami's flasback when Arafune reminds Murakami that there were still those more powerful than he. He makes his debut while waiting for Murakami and Yūma following their fight during the Rank Battle. While waiting, some trainees begin speaking ill of Kageura, which he feels through his Side Effect. He proceeds to attack them, forcing them to revert to their normal bodies. Murakami arrives and diffuses the situation. He is surprised at Yūma, being of short stature, to be able to beat Murakami. He then informs Yūma that his team had no intention of letting weaklings pass him and then leaves to watch the logs of the fight. Murakami informs Yūma of Kageura's Side Effect, noting that he was surprisingly similar and compatible with Yūma. Yūma notes that he probably had a rough childhood.

During the Rank Battle, he makes Yūma his target. He heads towards Yūma, who is currently fighting Tsuji, allowing Tsuji to leave. Kageura begins a fight with Yūma, but Yūma flees to back up Chika, who is being pursued by Inukai. Partnering with Ema, Kageura takes down Inukai, allowing Chika to Bail Out, and allowing him to fight Yūma without disturbance. Kageura and Yūma defeat Okudera and Koarai respectively, and with Tsuji's Bail Out, can now fight without disturbance. They fight, but Ninomiya eventually intervenes and takes out Yūma. Not wanting to get into a fight with Ninomiya or Azuma, Kageura waits until the time out. Since Ninomiya Unit had the most points, they won the Rank Battle.

Yūma agrees to have a Solo Rank Battle with him, but gets lost. He eventually finds him, complaining that he was getting impatient. He fights with Kako over having Yūma.

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