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Masato Kageura ((かげ)(うら) (まさ)() Kageura Masato ?) is Chapter 109 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Murakami and Yūma talk with Kageura while Osamu visits Tachikawa Squad to get Shooter tips from Izumi.

Long Summary[]

Murakami greets Kageura, and is begged by the two trainees that Kageura attacked to protect them. Murakami reveals that Kageura had a Side Effect, which allowed him to read minds, which Yūma detects as a lie but the trainees flee afer thinking about what they have said. Murakami warns Kageura not to do it lest he be demoted again. Kageura counters saying that he cared more when people insulted him, and Yūma asks him if he didn't care for being an A-Rank. Never having met Yūma before, Murakami introduces him, much to Kageura's amusement that Murakami and Arafune lost to him. Kageura inquires why Yūma was interested in getting to A-Rank, suggesting the away missions. Yūma offers Kageura to try and read his mind with his Side Effect. Kageura then gets up to leave, criticizing his own Side Effect. Before going, Kageura tells Yūma that his team wouldn't let weaklings win. Yūma asks Murakami what Kageura's real Side Effect was, and Murakami tells him it's "receiving emotions aimed at him." The sensation Kageura feels is like pricking, and the more negative the emotions, the more painful it is. They agree that it was harsh for him, and Murakami goes on to say that he had the same air as Yūma.

Osamu arrives at Tachikawa Squad's operator room, where he is greeted by a strange boy, who has a lot of pride in his Squad's standing. When Osamu tells him his purpose of being there, and mentions Karasuma, he tries to physically get Osamu to leave, when Izumi drop kicks his back. Tachikawa tries to lower the boy's vigor by telling him that he was so weak that he wasn't worthy of being represented by anyone of the swords of the Tachikawa Squad emblem. During their conference, Osamu explains his goal of being able to get points alone, and his training which Arashiyama Squad which allowed him to remove the guard of a target. Kitora said that there wasn't anything more to teach since he wasn't at the level required to learn more. Osamu asks Izumi to teach him about composite bullets, like the kind Nasu uses. Izumi agrees to teach Osamu about composites if he could defeat Yuiga 100 times.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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