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An explosive that affects a wide area: Meteor.

Shiori Usami about Meteor.[1]

Kanji 炸裂弾
Rōmaji Meteora
Organization BrDr.png Border
Type White trion.png Normal
Classification Meteora icon.png Gunner
- Explosive bullets
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 26
Anime Episode 15

Meteor (炸裂弾(メテオラ) Meteora?, lit. Explosive Bullet) is a Gunner Trigger.


Meteor is a projectile which appears as a luminous trail once shot. On impact, it explodes with a flash, releasing a large amount of smoke.[2] Its trajectory becomes curved when fired by a grenade launcher.[3]


The origins of this Trigger are unknown. It was initially used exclusively in trion cube form, until firearms were invented.[4]


Meteor is one of the mid-ranged options available to Border agents, which can be fired as a trion cube or through a firearm.[5] It is slightly less powerful than Asteroid, as part of the trion allocated to the bullet is spent on its signature ability.[6][7] Meteor lacks the penetrative power of the other Gunner Triggers, but its explosive properties allow it to inflict damage over a much wider range on impact.[1][6][7] The radius of the blast scales with the amount of trion used.[6][7] A trion body can suffer fatal damage from being engulfed in the explosion without direct contact with the bullets.[8] As a Gunner Trigger, Hound is less powerful than Attacker Triggers in normal circumstances[9] and consumes more trion than the latter.[6] The higher the trion amount of the user, the more of it can be allocated to its three basic parameters, enhancing its performance,[citation needed] to the point that the blast caused by Chika Amatori's undivided Meteor cube is powerful and large enough to obliterate half of a massive, six-story mall.[10]

Meteor has a variety of applications. Apart from being fired at the opponent directly, planted[11] Meteor cubes can be set on the ground and detonated remotely with another Trigger when the target is in range,[12][13] or combined with Spider to create tripwire-based booby traps.[14][15][11] Strategically placed fragments may be set off by the opponent themselves upon contact, even after the user has bailed out.[16] While these applications are unavailable to Gunners, channeling the projectile to grenade launchers grants them an arched trajectory which allows them to bombard a target without a visual.[17] A Meteor user on the verge of defeat has the option to launch a suicidal attack in order to take out a more powerful opponent.[18] More indirect tactics include creating fast-dissipating smoke screens[19] and the demolition of structures not made out of trion, whether to bury[20] or obstruct[21] the opponent, to clear lines of fire,[22] or destroy crucial infrastructure[23] and hiding spots to flush out the opponent,[24] among others. It can also counter tactics centered on the creation of a thick web of Spider wires.[25]

However, many of these applications have a downside. The creation of an escape route or other structural demolition may grant the opponent a line of fire,[26] and the wide blast radius carries with it the potential for inadvertent self-destruction due to the enemy detonating the bullets by shooting at them[27][28] or by erecting an obstacle close to the user.[8] Friendly fire is also a concern,[29] although, like other ranged Border Triggers, Meteor should be endowed with a safety mechanism that prevents it from injuring flesh and blood bodies, knocking the owner unconscious from the pain and impact.[30] The use of explosives on home turf may also result in the devastation of useful infrastructure as well as an influx of negative public opinion.[31] Some agents may be unwilling to use Meteor in the vicinity of civilian homes, even if they are abandoned.[32]

Composite Bullets[]

Components Name Description
Meteor + Viper Tomahawk (変化炸裂弾(トマホーク) Tomahōku?, lit. Changing Explosive Bullet)[33] Tomahawk combines Meteor's explosive properties with Viper's programmable flight path.[34]
Meteor + Hound Salamander (誘導炸裂弾(サラマンダー) Saramandā?, lit. Tracking Explosive Bullet)[35] Salamander combines Meteor's explosive properties with Hound's homing abilities.[36]
Meteor + Asteroid Unknown The properties of this composite bullet are currently unknown.
Meteor + Meteor Unknown The properties of this composite bullet are currently unknown.


Name Description
Zoe high angle1.png Random Meteor (適当炸裂弾(てきとうメテオラ) Tekitō Meteora?)[37][38] By shooting multiple Meteor rounds through one or more grenade launchers, the user can fire at all the enemies visible on Radar in quick succession,[39] demolish large portions of the map, and wreak havoc on the battlefield.[40] Despite its power and range, the technique has low accuracy, especially without visual on the target.[17] The assistance of an Operator for positioning is often required.[17] Hiro Kitazoe is a renowned user.[37]


See also: Meteor Users

Meteor has 21 known users among official agents, 13 of whom utilize it as a Shooter bullet and eight as a Gunner one. Among the latter, 6 utilize it in conjunction with an assault rifle and 2 with a grenade launcher.[41] This list excludes an unknown number of trainees as well as agents who do not participate in rank battles.


  • Like other Gunner bullets, Meteor is likely to have been named after a missile, the MBDA Meteor, commonly known simply as Meteor.
  • Meteor is the only bullet used in conjunction with a grenade launcher.[41]
    • It is also the only Gunner bullet not to be used in conjunction with a handgun.[41]
  • The list of Meteor users includes Akane Hiura[21] and Yūko Kumagai,[42] who equipped it in preparation of round three,[23] since it was featured in their Trigger Sets in the databook.[43][44]
  • Hyuse equipped this Trigger in round seven.[45]


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