Meteora Users
Reiji Kizaki
Kizaki Meteora & Spider
Kizaki uses Meteora as a Shooter. He combines it with Spider to create traps. If an unsuspecting opponent trips on the wire, it gets detached from the cube, causing it to explode violently. Since no trion is expended to make the cube move, the resulting explosion is quite powerful.

Kirie Konami
Konami Meteora & Sogetsu1
Kirie, despite being an Attacker, can use Meteora. She is capable of using it in conjunction with Sōgetsu, first engaging in close combat to seal the opponent's movements, then retreating quickly and firing Meteora at close or mid-range. She is able to scatter the bullets to a certain extent, as well as target two opponents at the same time. Her Meteora was considered very dangerous by Gatlin, and in fact it can crack the durable armor of Rabbits.[1] She was first seen using it in chapter 55 (episode 25 in the anime).

Kōhei Izumi
Izumi Meteora
Thanks to Izumi's abundant trion, his Meteora is particularly powerful. He can use it to cause widespread destruction, depriving the enemy of hiding spots and clearing lines of fire for ally Snipers. By scattering the bullets and firing each at a different angle, he can increase greatly the area of the ensuing explosions.

Ryō Utagawa
Jun Arashiyama
Arashiyama Meteora2
Arashiyama fires the Meteora through the lower barrel of his assault rifle. It shoots a single projectile which produces a powerful explosion. He appears to be quite skilled with this Trigger, holding off two A-Rank agents despite his impaired mobility.

Mitsuru Tokieda
Takaaki Katagiri
Masataka Ninomiya
Hiro Kitazoe
Zoe high angle1
Kitazoe's most used offensive Trigger is Meteora, which he fires through either one or two grenade launchers, depending on whether he must activate Bagworm for stealth. The range of his attacks is greater than that of the vast majority of Gunners.[2]

High-Angle Bombardment (曲射砲撃(きょくしゃほうげき) Kyokusha Hōgeki?): By shooting multiple Meteora rounds through one or more grenade launchers, Kitazoe can fire at all the enemies visible on Radar in quick succession,[3] demolish large portions of the map, and wreak havoc on the battlefield[4] in order to assist his teammates in scoring.[5] Despite its power and range, the technique has low accuracy, especially without visual on the target.[6] Kitazoe often requires Hikari Nire's help to find a suitable firing spot.[6]

Satoshi Mizukami
Mizukami Meteora
As a member of a top tier unit, Mizukami is quite efficient in using Meteora. The cloud of smoke raised by this Trigger can be used by his teammates for surprise attacks. He first used it in Chapter 155.

Kazuki Kurauchi
Kurauchi Hound & Meteora
Kurauchi can fuse Meteora with Hound to create Salamander.[7] He first used it in Chapter 153.

Wataru Urushima
Rei Nasu
Nasu Activating Tomahawk
Nasu primarily uses Viper to fight, but she occasionally resorts to Meteora, too. She has recently taken to merging it with Viper to form Tomahawk.[8] She first uses it in chapter 102 (episode 45 in the anime).

Yūko Kumagai
Kuma-chan Meteora
Kumagai originally got Meteora to use in the match against Tamakoma Second and Suzunari First in order to demolish the bridge.[9] Despite being her very first time using it, her skill was such that she managed to hold her own against Murakami, earning the praise of the commentators.[10] According to herself, imagining Nasu's fighting style helps her move better.[11] Further proof of her skills is her placing a Meteor bullet under the hilt of Murakami's Raygust, although he noticed it in time.[12] She was first seen using it in chapter 99 (episode 45 in the anime).

Akane Hiura
Akane Lightning Meteora
Hiura added Meteora to her Trigger set in preparation for the match against Tamakoma Second and Suzunari First in order to demolish the bridge.[9] After her team's first strategy failed, she set immobile Meteora cubes around her location, using them as traps to impede the advance of the opponent after her position had been discovered while also creating chaos through the destruction of buildings. She set them off by sniping at them. She is first seen using it in Chapter 98 (Episode 45 in the anime).

Chika Amatori
Meteor (Chika)
Under Usami's recommendation, Chika temporarily added Meteor to her Trigger set in order to eliminate enemies in hiding.[13] Due to her immense trion level, her meteor is capable of dealing enormous large-scale damage. In chapter 173, she destroyed half of a shopping mall in a single meteor and unintentionally gained her first kill of the B-Rank Battles. The massive destructive power of her Meteor also provides Tamakoma Second an advantage in intimidating opponents and forcing them to play defensive.[14]

Kuniharu Kakizaki
Seiji Marui
Hitoshi Matsushiro
Minoru Hata
Takahiro Ebina
Anime Only
Kyōsuke Karasuma
Karasuma Meteora
Karasuma attempted to use this Trigger at close range against Hairein, but was defeated before he had the chance to fire it.