Mira is a capable soldier, whose skills have allowed her to be assigned a Black Trigger. Hairein seems to hold her in high esteem, trusting her judgment and that she will efficiently carry out all his orders. Although she primarily acts as an Operator, she can use Speiraskia to teleport Trion Warriors, retrieve her defeated teammates and, should the need arise, fight. Unlike the other members of her team, her trion body does not appear to be fitted with an armored cape, since her garments were easily pierced by all of Miwa's Viper bullets,[1] which is possibly due to her role being primarily supportive. Having been implanted with Trion Receptors, she has a vast amount of trion of high quality.[2]

Triggers Edit

Mira's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Trion Receptors
Mira Anime
Classification: Standard
The horns installed on Mira's head have improved the amount and quality of her trion over the course of years,[2] giving her extraordinary reserves that permit her to use her Black Trigger for long periods of time. Her Trion Receptors turned black as a result of her using a Speiraskia.

Type: Black trion Black Speiraskia
Speiraskia large window2

Mira uses this Trigger to open windows in the fabric of space. Large windows can function as gates to transport things from where Mira is to wherever the gate is, or vice-versa, whereas small ones can eject spikes to impale targets. The larger the window, the more Trion is consumed. When used as a gate, anything can flow through it, so Mira uses this in conjunction with Alektor to strike enemies from behind. Other uses include the transportation of Trion Warriors, the teleportation of enemies, the reflection of attacks, and the rescue of defeated allies.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[3] 36 9 25 20 8 6 5 12 121