Mira said Enedra used to be a great and talented child, implying she has known him for a long time. Out of political alliance of her and Hairein's family, she is slated to either marry him or Lamvanein.


Third Neighbor Attack ArcEdit

Mira was first introduced together with the rest of Hairein's crew.[1] After Hairein starts discussing about "Miden", saying they hadn't yet shown their full strenght. As Enedra and Hughes threathen to fight, Mira stays quiet.[2] When Enedra and Lamvanein ask to be sent to the battlefield, Hairein states they soon will, and talks to her, she then confirms that she's advancing to the next stage.[3]

A pack of Ilgar is sent to storm Border's Headquarters, but most are defeated by the base's cannons before they can reach the base.[4] After Tachikawa defeats one of them,[5] and is sent to battle the Rabbits with the other A-Class members, Enedra complains that they should have destroyed the base, to which everyone says they didn't want to pressure the people of "Miden" unnecessarily, and simply confuse them.

After Chika defeats one of the rabbits with Izuho's trigger,[6] Hairein at first mistakes it for a Black Trigger, but Mira states it's not.[7] Mira then explains explains Chika is one of the "chickens". Hairein then orders Lamvanein and Enedra to go help the Rabbits, and Visa and Hughes to try and catch the "golden chicken" (Chika), saying they might have found "a new god".[8]

An Rad then creates a interference, and Mira uses the chance to create portals to send her comrades to the battlefield.[9]


Mira prepared to withdraw Lamvanein.

After Yoneya, Izumi, Midorikawa and the B-Class agents jointly defeat Lamvanein,[10] Mira tries use her Trigger to attack Yoneya, but he notices it and dodges, and then she withdraws Lamvanein, who admits his defeat, laughing.[11]

After Enedra infiltrates Border's headquarters, Mira suggests withdrawing him, but Hairen declines. While he battles Suwa Unit inside the training room, Mira, along with Hairein and Lamvanein, start discussing about Yūma's trigger. Hairein decides to end the situation as soon as possible, as the Border agents were starting to learn their weaknessess.[12]

Hairein then decides to go to the battlefield personally, after Yoneya, Izumi and Midorikawa go aid Osamu and co.[13]

Enedra's corpse

Enedra dead.

After Enedra was defeated, she suggested withdrawing him from the mission.[14] When he was defeated, she proceeded to dismember his real arm, and finally kill him, stating that she was only ordered to retrieve his Trigger.[15]

When Kōhei Izumi, Tōru Narasaka, Shōhei Kodera and Isami Tōma team up to take on Hairein, she teleports herself to a building nearby, and summons Rabbits to face them, but Shinji Fuyushima warps the Snipers away from the rabbits, while Yōsuke Yoneya and Kyōsuke Karasuma battle the rabbits..