Introduction ArcEdit

Tokieda appeared alongside Jun Arashiyama and Kitora Ai when a trion soldier was reported at Osamu Mikumo’s school. As Jun and Kitora talked with Osamu and Yūma Kuga , Tokieda investigated the scene. When Kitora protested leaving, he reminded her that Osamu’s punishment was out of their hands.[1] When the reason behind the unstable portals was discovered, he reappeared alongside the rest of his team for cleanup purposes.[2]

Black Trigger Retrieval ArcEdit

Tokieda appeared alongside the rest of Arashiyama Unit’s acting on Director Shinoda’s orders to help Tamakoma’s branch.[3] They separated from Jin Yūichi to face Miwa Shuuji, Izumi Kōhei, and Yōsuke Yoneya.[4] He and Jun remained on the ground facing Miwa and Izumi as Kitora and Yoneya battled it out over Ken Satori’s head.[5] Jun said they shouldn’t mess up the jobs they had, to which Tokieda agreed. Izumi nearly shot Jun, but Tokieda used his shield to shield Jun. Jun teleported, and together they provided crossfire on Izumi. When Kitora was dragged out of the building to be killed off by Izumi, Tokieda used his shield to block the majority of the shots. Isami Tōma shot him in the head. Tokieda grabbed onto Kitora, dragging her down a little faster, pulling her away from Tōma’s followup shot. Tokieda apologized to Jun about going out so fast, before bailing out.[6]

Border Enlistment ArcEdit

Tokieda was with the rest of his team for the introduction talk to enlisting in Border.[7] He explained to Yūma about joint trainings, and rank battles.[8]

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

Tokieda and Jun open fired on a injured Rabbit cubifying Chano Unit. Yūma thanked Tokieda for the help, to which Tokieda questioned him on his appearance. He observed the bombing run on headquarters.[9] He, Ken Satori, Jun, and Yūma focused on eliminating trion soldiers in the danger zone.[10] After Yūma left, he continued to focus on elimating the trion soldiers.[11]

Tokieda and his team received the Outstanding Service Reward.[12]

B-Class Rank Battles ArcEdit

He, Jun, and Kitora watched the rank battle between Suwa Unit, Arafune Unit, and Tamakoma-2.[13]