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Miwa Squad 2 (()() (たい)Miwa-tai 2 ?) is Chapter 15 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Yūma is put into a tight spot by Miwa Squad, but manages to counter and eventually defeat the two agents on the ground. Jin intervenes, bringing the fight to an end.

Long summary[]

Jin tells Osamu that Yūma probably won't lose to Miwa Squad. Miwa and Yoneya attack Yūma, and the two manage to corner him enough that Yūma is forced to jump through the roof of the platform. This proves to be a mistake when Yūma's arm is taken off by a shot from a sniper. Kodera praises Narasaka for hitting Yūma, but Narasaka dismisses it and says that it counts as a miss as he was aiming to kill Yūma. He tells Kodera to keep pressuring Yūma while he moves closer to the target. Osamu says that this battle is already unfair, with a sniper in play on top of Yūma already being out numbered.

Replica has two explanations to as why Yūma is being defensive in this fight. First, Yoneya and Miwa are positioning themselves well, making sure one is out of his blind spot so Yūma can't just focus on one of them. In addition, Yūma can't move into open spaces or else he will be sniped. However, the second reason Replica says is that Yūma is thinking about Osamu's reputation in Border and doesn't want his recent promotion to go to waste. Chika questions Yūma being a Neighbor, and Osamu reassures her that while he is one he has helped him countless times, and considers him a friend. Chika says she feels the same way.

Meanwhile, Miwa taunts Yūma and shoots at him with Lead Bullet. The two move in for the final blow, but Yūma's Black Trigger has finished copying this and Yūma counters them by hitting the two agents with giant Lead Bullets. He also finally figures out the secret behind Yoneya's spear, and plays with it while the two agents are down. Narasaka finally gets a good shot on Yūma and gets ready to fire when he is interrupted by Jin.

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