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Miwa Squad 3 (()() (たい)Miwa-tai 3 ?) is Chapter 16 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The aftermath of Miwa Squad's assault preludes the conference with Border's top brass; Jin is met with a predicament.

Long Summary[]

The chapter starts with a flashback, where Jin tells Miwa to not chase after Osamu as his Side Effect tells him it won't end well. Miwa mentions how he interrupted him the other day so the two of them must be working together, but Jin says to "give him some credit" as he is just worried for them.

In the present, Yūma asks Miwa if they want to talk, but Miwa thinks about how he was able to copy his trigger and with even greater weight to which he thinks about how unfair that ability is. Osamu surprised at how fast Yūma turned it around and says it is just like Jin said but gets interrupted by Jin himself, who has arrived with Narasaka and Kodera. He tells them that he met up with Replica and greets Chika. Replica explains that Narasaka and Kodera are Miwa Squad's snipers, and that if Jin hadn't shown up he would have dealt with them himself.

Jin asks Yūma if he was careless in his fight, but Yūma replies that they were just strong. Kodera says Yoneya was defeated in a flashy way, to which the latter expresses his shame for. Jin reveals that Yūma was using a Black Trigger against them, and that they should actually be proud for the amount of damage they were able to make on Yūma. Jin explains how Black Triggers are created, and tells Miwa to tell Kido that it would be bad to turn someone like Yūma into an enemy. When Narasaka voices his concerns, Jin tells him that he will put his job on the line for it. Miwa gets pissed and, after yelling that all Neighbors are the enemy, bails out.

Yoneya requests a rematch against Yūma at a future date and when Yūma questions his lack of hate towards Neighbors, he explains that he doesn't really have a reason to have a grudge against them. He reveals that Narasaka and Kodera's houses were destroyed by them, and that Miwa's sister was killed by them during the First Large-Scale Invasion. The three Miwa Squad agents leave, and Jin says that he will have to go back to the base to give the top brass the other side of the report.

Jin and Osamu go and report and receive varying reactions from the higher ups. Kido orders Jin to take Yūma's Black Trigger.

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