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Nasu Squad 4 (()() (たい)Nasu-tai 4 ?) is Chapter 99 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yūko Kumagai gets into an intense fight with Kō Murakami, in which she loses.

Long Summary[]

Round 3 of B-Rank Rank War between Tamakoma Second, Suzunari First and Nasu Squad continues with Tamakoma Second managed to score a point when Akane Hiura bails out, who was eliminated by Yūma.

Meanwhile, Kaho Mikami asks for an opinion from Kei Tachikawa and Jin about the battle's possible outcome as Kumagai is facing off against Murakami. Tachikawa mentions that Yūma's movement is hard to read and it's possible he's aiming for an opening while Kumagai is fighting Murakami and takes down an easier target, which Tachikawa thinks is Kumagai. Tachikawa also thinks that there's a possibility that Yūma will just ignore both of them and cross to the other side of the river.

In the meantime, Kumagai gets into an intense fight with Murakami. As she tries to attack, Murakami deflects the blow and managed to cut off her left arm. As her fighting style requires both arm, Kumagai are a force to change her tactics by using Meteor, which Jin commented as a good move, as he thinks that it is important to be flexible in a fight. He also added that it is good that she could keep up her spirit despite being in a tight situation, which Mikami agrees. However, when asks for his opinion, Tachikawa disagrees as he thinks a person's feeling has nothing to do with the outcome, believing that power, strategy, and luck are what matters.

As the fight intensifies, Murakami pushes Kumagai back towards the river. Keeping her distance, Kumagai shoots her Meteora, hoping to break Murakami's Raygust. However, Murakami activates the Raygust's thruster and sends the Meteor back, eliminating Kumagai in the process when the Meteor explodes.

When he tries to retrieve his Raygust, Murakami notices a trap left behind by Kumagai and kicks it away before it explodes. He then turns around and is surprised to see Yūma was there the whole time, waiting for his turn to fight him.

Characters in order of appearance[]

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