Nasu Unit's Choice (那須隊の選択 Nasu-tai no Sentaku?) is episode 43 of the World Trigger anime.

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Konami and Usami are surprised to learn that Yūma lost a Solo Rank Battle to Murakami, and Shiori explains them about Murakami's Side Effect. Nasu Unit, Mikumo Unit and Kuruma Unit all prepare strategies for their next match, and Kō Murakami remembers the time Arafune became a Sniper. On the match's day, everyone is surprised to see Nasu Unit's stage choice.

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Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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Differences Between the Anime and MangaEdit

  • The scene where Osamu remembers Replica upon seeing the rice cooker, as well as Rindō's following visit, are anime-exclusive. Rindō is only seen when he goes to the rooftop to talk to Yūma.



  • Osamu's mistaking a rice cooker for Replica alludes to the fact that Ashihara designed Replica based on a rice cooker.


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