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Negotiation (交渉 Kōshō?) is episode 81 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary[]

Round 5 ends and after some commentary, Tamakoma celebrates their overwhelming victory

however mid-celebration, Yōtarō Rindō announces that Hyuse wants to join Tamakoma Second after some discussion Osamu allows him to join however Osamu needs to meet with border's top brass in order to let Hyuse join border

Long Summary[]

Katori bails out leading to a final score of 7-1-1 with tamakoma's victory and after a small Tamakoma celebration the commenters decide to review the match.

Izumi says that they a lot of Tamakoma's new techniques and that he feels bad for his opponents as they had no prior info. Tokieda backed him up as he said, Tamakoma layed down a path to victory and strategically controlled the game the entire time similar to Round 2.

Taketomi asks that after their loss in round 4 what is their new core for their tactics. Izumi says it is Osamu's wires to which Tokieda agrees with

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  • When Katori is whining she has socks instead of shoes, this was later fixed[1]
  • During the Round 4 Flashback, Azuma Squad was shown having their normal navy blue uniform instead of the white uniform they used for that round.[1]



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