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New Start (新生 Shinsei?) is episode 86 of the World Trigger Anime.

Short Summary[]

Hyuse returns to Tamakoma Branch following his enlistment ceremony and informs the other members of his promotion to B-rank. Yuri Rindō and Michael Cronin return from their scouting trip with Kusakabe and Katagiri Squads. Cronin configures Hyuse's trigger set, after which Hyuse battles Yūma for practice 20 times, winning 8 and losing 12. Meanwhile, Osamu, having finished his classes for the year, temporarily moves into Tamakoma Branch due its proximity to HQ. The nameplate on the door of his room and his discovery of a photo from 6 years prior lead to Yuri telling Osamu about Old Border. Reiji later drives Yūma and Chika to HQ for solo rank wars and sniper training, respectively.

Long Summary[]

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