Nikokyra no JP
Kanji 黒壁
Rōmaji Nikokira
Organization NgBr Galopoula
Type White trion Normal
- Telekinetic control of slime
- Dulling of blades
- Removal of attrition
- Multiple modes
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 126

Nikokyra (黒壁(ニコキラ) Nikokira?, lit. "Black Wall") is a Trigger from Galopoula.


Nikokyra appears as a semitransparent, thick liquid. The amount varies depending on the mode.


The origins of this Trigger are unknown.


Nikokyra allows the user to produce and control slime. If the slime comes in contact with a body made out of trion, it will stick to it, causing a series of disadvantages. Blades coated in this liquid will lose all their sharpness.[2] Furthermore, once stuck, Nikokyra cancels attrition, making it very hard to move if it covers one's feet.[3] If it sticks to an opponent's hands, it prevents them from getting a good grip on their weapons.[3] The user can control the quantity of liquid generated. With only a small amount, they can surround a part of their body with it, turning that part into a shield which, if touched, will dull the enemy weapon.[2] Should the user decide to adopt a more defensive approach, they can increase the amount of slime, causing it to spiral around them. It is also possible to control the liquid even if it is not in the user's immediate vicinity, even hiding and then directing it at the enemy from their blind spots.[4]

Although this Trigger cannot inflict any damage, it is nonetheless considered very dangerous.[3] Its functions have been likened to those of Lead Bullet, since both Triggers are meant to impede the opponent.[3] Although Nikokyra can block the latter,[5] it is unable to block attacks that are not made out of trion.[1]

Users Edit

The only known user of this Trigger is Koskero.[1]

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  • Nikokyra (νοικοκυρά Noikokyrá) is the Greek word for "housewife".