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Ninomiya Squad 2 ((にの)(みや)(たい)Ninomiya-tai 2 ?) is Chapter 185 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The final Rank War of the upper-tier starts off with a bang.

Long Summary[]

All the participating teams enter the rank war. Most Squads have teleported in such a way that pairs of teammates are close to each other. Hyuse spawns separated from the rest of Tamakoma Second, in the middle of their foes. Osamu finds himself in a similar predicament, though not swarmed by others. As Yuba Squad begins to move, Ninomiya Squad, positioned near Chika and Yūma, begins firing at them. Ninomiya orders Tsuji to engage Yūma while Inukai should head towards the east. Osamu has Chika fire a Hound at Ninomiya Squad to allow Yūma to activate Bagworm and flee with Chika, keeping Ninomiya Squad in pursuit. Yuba and Obishima decide to enter the eastern fray.

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