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No. 1 Shooter: Masataka Ninomiya (NO.1(ナンバーワン)シューター二宮匡貴(ニノミヤマサタカ) Nanbāwan Shūtā: Ninomiya Masataka?) is episode 65 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary[]

Osamu joins Yūma and Kikuchihara as they help Kinuta interrogates Enedra. Later, he meets with Ninomiya, who visited Tamakoma Branch to asks Osamu and Chika some questions regarding Mirai Hatohara and Rinji's disappearance.

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  • This episode reuses footage of Osamu's flashback from Episode 36, where Ninomiya was originally depicted to be black-haired. This is corrected in this episode, however.


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