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The Author has written 3 One-Shots, two of which are counted as prototypes of World Trigger but all 3 have similarities to the series as a whole.


Title Plot Similarities
Room 303 Yukimaru and his friends investigate the White Mansion as they look for their missing friends and run into the strange Room 303.[1] Between the 3, it was released first and is the only non world trigger prototype.
  • there is also a demon who looks like Mira
Trigger Keeper Between the 3, it was released second, is the first world trigger prototype and unlike the other two one-shots it was released in two parts.
  • Triggers are a thing but only two abilities has any resemblance to the main series, the ability in question are spikes like Speiraskia and Asteroid like bullets
Talented Elite Jin Creatures from another dimension have invaded Earth! Earth weapons are useless against these 'Neighbors,' but some scientists have created new weapons based on the enemy's technology. Using these weapons, humans struggle to defend themselves from the invaders.

The head of the central base has sent the ace soldier, Yūichi Jin, to help out the failing Base 7, and rescue his son Tadashi Yuiga, who is the leader there.

Unfortunately, the problem with Base 7 is, in fact, Tadashi. He's a terrible leader who cares for nothing but his own reputation and believes that being the central base leader's son allows him to do whatever he wants. Will Jin be able to fix this terrible situation?[2]

Between the 3, it was released last and is the second world trigger prototype.
  • The reason why Jin from the main series calls himself the "talented elite" is possibly a homage to the One-shot's title
  • The term Neighbors exists and are shown to be what we now know as Trion Soldiers
    • Additionally, this may be why trion soldiers are introduced to us as neighbors
  • Border also exists but uses numbers instead of names
  • Triggers are called neighbor-craft, but the two shown more closely resembles triggers from the main series,
    • Fūjinmaru is similar to Fūjin in name and premise as they both look like Kogetsu and have an extending blade
    • Escudo share the same name as Escudo and are extremely similar in premise, both being walls that come from the ground that act as shields but Escudo from the one-shot can be used as a weapon while Escudo from the main series can be used more akin to a trap