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Tamakoma Second (manga)

Tamakoma Second in their Operation Room

An Operation Room (作戦室 Sakusen-shitsu?) is a private room used by Border Units B-Rank and above to plan and strategize for Rank Battles.[1] They are located in Border Headquarters or in a Branch office.


Arashiyama Unit's Operation Room (manga)

Layout of Arashiyama Unit's Operation Room

The layout of an operation room differs from unit to unit, but they all have a standard rectangular size and shape. A-rank units' operation rooms are bigger than B-rank units' as they have a kitchenette and another small room about 4 tatami mats wide (about 6.5 meters square).[2]

There are features that most operations rooms share, such as:

  • An Operator room or space which contains a desk, monitor/s, chair
  • A Bail Out room which contains the Bail Out mats for each unit combatant
  • A discussion space which contains a strategy table with chairs, bookcases, and/or a monitor screen or television

Some Operation Rooms have personalized features such as a kotatsu and refrigerator (Kageura Unit), gaming consoles (Tachikawa Unit), movie DVDs and giant artworks (Arafune Unit) and even a Mahjong board (Suwa Unit).


  • The Operation Rooms are designed by the unit members themselves.[3]
  • Despite being demoted to B-Rank, Ninomiya Unit still has a kitchenette in their Operation Room.[4]



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