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This page is about Chapter 107. For other uses, see Osamu Mikumo (disambiguation).

Osamu Mikumo 12 (()(くも) (おさむ)Mikumo Osamu 12 ?) is Chapter 107 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Arashiyama mentors Osamu on shooting while Chika and Izuho practice sniping.

Long Summary[]

Greeted by Kitora.

Inside Arashiyama Squad's Operation Room.

Ayatsuji greets Osamu.

Osamu visits Arashiyama Unit's Operation Room for mentorship on shooting. Ayatsuji greets him, and informs him that Arashiyama would be arriving soon. Tokieda fills out a lot of paperwork, and when Osamu inquires about it, he said that since the conference following the invasion, the number of applicants to Border increased to the point where they had to accept new members every month. Arashiyama arrives, and Osamu gives Haruka a gift from Shiori, dorayakis (red-bean pancakes), which make Haruka happy as they're from a good store.

Jun Talking.png

With tea and dorayaki, they begin discussing the topic of Gunners and Shooters. Arashiyama asks Osamu why he wants to get points so badly, and Osamu responds that his team depended on Yūma too much. Arashiyama responds by telling Osamu that it is not in a Shooters' role to get points alone. Due to the fact that Trion is evenly spread between a bullet's firepower, durability, and propellant, the relatively low firepower makes it difficult to kill, compared to Sniper and Attacker Triggers. As an example, he alluded to their battle with Nasu Unit and Suzunari First; had Nasu gone up against Yūma or Murakami alone, she would have lost. Osamu, remembering what Kitora taught him, said that a Shooter's advantages are attacking from a distance and more easily concentrating attacks. Arashiyama puts it into context such that Shooters can come as back up when Attackers were taking care of things at the front lines. Arashiyama concludes by telling Osamu that he had most of the skills he needed, but he and Tokieda would help further train him.

Meanwhile, Chika and Izuho are at the firing range. They plan to go down, but there are no spots for them to be side-by-side. A boy tells them a spot is free, freeing the one besides himself and saying he knows the person who occupied that spot, so they use it. Hiura comes up to Natsume, attracted by the cat on her head. It then jumps onto Tōma's pompadour, which makes Hiura jealous. The practice begins and everyone begins shooting. Narasaka gets No. 1, but admits that there were agents better than he who simply did not care about hitting the target.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

  • Egret (Chika, Natsume, Hiura, Tōma, Ema & Narasaka)


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