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This page is about Chapter 148. For other uses, see Osamu Mikumo (disambiguation).

Osamu Mikumo 15 (()(くも) (おさむ)Mikumo Osamu 15 ?) is Chapter 148 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

In order for Hyuse to join his Squad, Osamu tries to convince Commander Kido and the others.

Long Summary[]

Before Osamu goes to the upper echelons, he asks one thing from Rindō. Hyuse asks Jin to find another way to get him to Aftokrator should Osamu fail, but Jin is confident in Osamu.

At HQ, Osamu asks to allows Hyuse to join Tamakoma Second. He is immediately countered with the fact that Hyuse was an enemy at one point. Osamu argues that the circumstances have changed, but when Kido asks if Hyuse will divulge his previously concealed information about Aftokrator, Hyuse continues to refuse.

Netsuki finds this completely outrageous, but Osamu goes on to say that Hyuse will cooperative when it comes to non-Aftokrator affairs, alluding to Galopoula's Invasion. Kido is still reluctant to allow Hyuse because It brings up the question of why was he even there even then one action does not speak for all. Osamu continues saying that Hyuse will be a powerful asset on his team, but Karasawa points out that Osamu's arguments are too personalized and that He needs to explain how it would benefit border as a whole.

When asked his opinion, Director Rindō answers that he would not bring Hyuse along is he was a leader, stating that the numerous stops along the way make it risky for an expedition with an outsider. Osamu then rebutted that Hyuse will actually be helpful, providing information about the nations. Unlike Enedra, Hyuse possesses information about the domestic situation of most nations, and Hyuse himself asserts that he has sufficient knowledge. And because Hyuse wants to return to Aftokrator, he will have no choice but to support Border. The decision to let Hyuse join or not rests in Kido's hands.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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