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This page is about the chapter. For other uses, see Osamu Mikumo (disambiguation).

Osamu Mikumo 7 (三雲 修 ➆ Mikumo Osamu 7?) is chapter 50 of the World Trigger manga.

Short summary[]

Osamu and Kitora come to the rescue of the C-class members. Kitora engages the new Rabbit alone while Osamu fights a Mole Mod. Osamu remembers the advice Karasuma gives him when he had special training to fight Mole Mods, which helps him defeat the one in the present.

Long summary[]

Terrified by the sight of a Rabbit, Kōda Unit is unable to move and before they could do anything, it unleashes a beam attack and blows them away. Along with the citizens and the other C-Rank, they try to leave the area as it charges for another attack. Fortunately, the attack was prevented by Kitora, who arrive at the scene with Osamu. As the C-Rank celebrate their arrival, they notice that the Rabbit is slightly different than the one they fought earlier. At that moment, a Mole Mod appears behind them and starts to attack the C-Rank. Kitora then tells Osamu to protect them while she fights the Rabbit. As he faces the Mole Mod, Osamu remembers the first time he faced it and wonders how much he has changed since.

At Tamakoma, Osamu asks Usami whether it is possible to have a Virtual Training at the Branch. Usami notes that it is possible since the Virtual Training they had in Headquarters was based on the Branch's Training Room. She then asks which enemy do Osamu wants to fight, which the latter says a Mole Mod. Hearing this, she immediately suggests Osamu with the Mole Mods from the Yashamaru Series, which the latter declined as he wanted to fight a regular Mole Mod.
Flashback ends.

Osamu begins the fight by shooting Asteroids at the Mole Mod while dodging its attacks. He notes to himself that the movements of the Mole Mod are closer to Kazama's than Midorikawa's. He adds that despite knowing its next move, he cannot afford to be on the defensive given his amount of Trion.

During Virtual Training, Karasuma tells Osamu to counterattack as he cannot win by defending. He adds that despite its defensive capability, the Raygust will break if it keeps receiving attacks. When Osamu notes that he cannot find an opening for a counterattack, Karasuma remarks that the reason he cannot find any is that he cannot imagine how to counterattack.
Flashback ends.

As soon as he finds an opening, Osamu activates his Thruster and cuts the Mole Mod's claw. By using Yūma's movement, Osamu manages to defeat it by cutting it in half. He then proceeds to help Kitora.

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