Reasons for banningEdit

There are multiple reasons for banning a user from the wiki. Such reasons include:

  • Vandalism

On this Wiki, vandalism is defined as willfully editing a page to change the contents to inappropriate material, or reducing the page of necessary information. Vandalism is extremely disapproved on this Wiki, and vandalizing will result in a ban strike.

  • Abusive behavior
  • Too young (violation of COPPA)

Criteria for banningEdit

Only admins and bureaucrats may ban. The guideline to ban lengths can be seen below. A ban strike may result from any reason of banning. In order for a ban to occur, the user must be notified each time they receive one, and the reason must be given. If 3 strikes are given, the banned user must have their name added to this page. The three strikes must be given, and the ban must be written with this template.

Order of banning Edit

Banning will happen in this order:

  • First 3 strikes: 1-day ban
  • Fourth strike: 1-week ban
  • Fifth strike: 1-month ban
  • Sixth strike: 1-year ban
  • Seventh strike: Permanent ban