Rad Infestation
Second neighbor attack
Location Mikado City
Outcome Trion Warriors repelled

Rads removed

Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Several civilians dead
  • Several civilians injured
  • City damage
  • N/A
Arc Introduction Arc
Previous First Large-Scale Invasion
Next Yūma Kuga vs. Miwa Unit
Chapter(s) 2 - 11
Episode(s) 2 - 6
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Mikado city bombing
Ai Kitora meets Osamu and Yūma after school to escort Osamu to Border for judgment. Yūma and Kitora get into an argument while a portal opens up revealing an Ilgar flying toward the city ready to unleash bombs upon it. Kitora tells Osamu to stay, he has no more trion to transform, and states that she will take it down herself. Osamu can't stay behind, and with Yūma telling him he couldn't take the Ilgar down he states that he can help the people on the streets. Meanwhile, Kitora jumps on the Ilgar's back and starts attacking it, Yūma looks on as she activates the Ilgar's self defense bombs on its back. Eventually she is able to wound it deep enough that it starts to fall; however, it falls in the direction of the worn torn city it was bombing. Kitora tries, but can't do anything to stop it. Yūma activates his trigger, and with Replica telling him that Osamu said not to be noticed, he attaches a chain and pulls the Ilgar into the river where it then safely explodes. Kitora knows someone helped her take down the Ilgar, and she looks on with hate toward Osamu who helped the civilians. Osamu gave all the credit to Kitora as the one who saved them, and Yūma tells Kitora that there is no contest who the better agent is, Osamu looks beyond rules and ranks. Somewhere else, Yūichi Jin sits upon a pile of Bamsters that he took down, and he is called into Border.



Introduction Arc