Rank Battle! Shun Midorikawa's Plan (ランク戦!緑川駿の策略 Ranku-sen! Midorikawa Shun no Sakuryaku?) is episode 19 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary

Osamu, who is worried with the rumors spread about his battle with Kazama, is approached by a boy, Shun Midorikawa, who challenges him to a simulated battle. Meanwhile, Yūma and Replica discuss about money, with Yūma being unable to understand why is paper money worth more than money coins. He is then approached by Miwa and then by Yoneya, who is taking care of Yōtarō on Shiori's behalf. Yūma offers to help Miwa getting his revenge for his sister's death, but Miwa refuses his help and leaves to a reunion. Yoneya then challenges Yūma to a simulated battle and they and Yōtarō arrive in time to see Osamu's defeat in the hands of Shun. Yūma then challenges Shun to a battle.

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