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Rank Battles

Rank battles are official matches fought between agents as training and to increase their ranking. rank battles are divided into Solo and Team Match. In Team Match, they are fought between 3 or 4 teams at a time, with the team with the lowest ranking having the right to choose the stage. Rising to no.1 or no.2 in the B-rank battles gives the team the right of challenge to rise to A-rank.

Rank Battle Rules[]

B-rank battles[1][]

B-rank teams are split into the three groups of Upper, Middle, and Lower group according to their standing and compete for points in matches within that group.

After every match, the points scored are tallied and the standing changes. Depending on that a switch can occur between the groups. B-rank no.1 and no.2 receive the right of challenge to rise to A-rank.

When the season starts bonus points are added according to the standing of the previous season. (The higher the standing, the bigger the advantage next season.)

Standard Rules for the Matches[]

  • A match is a three-way or four-way team battle. (1 team is 1 operator and 1~4 combatants)
  • Defeating 1 member of an enemy team is 1 point. (Cases where you are taken down by trion leakage, the point goes to the one who did the most damage)
  • The team that survives until the end earns 2 bonus survival points. (Cases where the time runs out before the match is settled, there are no survival points)
  • 1 match has a time limit of 45~60 minutes (This changes according to the size of the stage. The bigger the stage, the longer the time limit)
  • In the match, the team with the lowest standing has the right to choose the stage.
  • Even in team rank battles solo points fluctuate just like solo rank battles.
  • Only when there are no members of enemy squads in a 60m radius can a voluntary bailout be made. (Exiting the stage without giving the enemy points)
  • Withdrawing from the combat area of the stage is treated as the same as a voluntary bailout.


Rank Battle Seasons Within a Year[2]
Battle Season Break
February, March, and April May
June, July, and August September
October, November, and December January

One round of matches occur in two blocks: day and night, half of the Upper, Middle, and Lower groups fight in the day block and the other half fight in the night block. Each round takes place on a Wednesday or Saturday, and after three rounds there is a break of a week before the next round.

The most recent rank battle season's schedule was:[3]

Date Round
February 1 (Sat) Round 1
February 5 (Wed) Round 2
February 8 (Sat) Round 3
February 12 (Wed) Break
February 15 (Sat) Round 4
February 19 (Wed) Round 5
February 22 (Sat) Round 6
February 26 (Wed) Break
March 1 (Sat) Round 7
March 5 (Wed) Round 8