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Ratarikov (ラタリコフ Ratarikofu?) is an agent from Galopoula sent to Mikado City.


Ratarikov is a young man with black hair styled in a buzz cut.


Ratarikov is a focused person, concentrating on the objective. He has a keen and pragmatic mind, and is capable of feeling genuine admiration even for his enemy. [citation needed]


  • As with the other Galopoula Expedition Force members, Ratarikov's name seems to originate from a character from Kiteretsu Daihyakka, with some possible modifications. In his case, his name is an anagram the character Kaoru Kumada's alias Butagorilla (ブタゴリラ Butagorira?), with an フ instead of ブ.
  • According to Volume 16, he likes;
    • Meat pies
    • White grape wine
    • Things lined up equidistantly from each other


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