Unlike the other two Raygust is a defensive Trigger. Its blade partially transforms, like Scorpion. It has a Shield Mode which increases durability in exchange for reduced attack power.

Shiori Usami about Raygust, in Arashiyama Unit 2.[1]




Kanji レイガスト
Rōmaji Reigasuto
Creator Raizō Terashima
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal
Classification Attacker Attacker
- Edged weapon
- High durability
- Shapeshiftable blade
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Offensive Power B
Durability B
Lightness D
Type Heavy

Raygust (レイガスト Reigasuto?) is a Trigger developed for Attackers. The main mode is known as Blade Mode ((ブレード)モード Burēdo Mōdo?).[3]


Raygust takes the appearance of a large double-ended saber with a hand guard spawning from the blade itself, also connecting to a shorter blade. The blade and guard are made entirely of semi-transparent trion and can be manipulated at will. The midsection of the handle is circular, and it is where the black and white parts connect. Reiji Kizaki's model is more streamlined.[4]


Raygust was developed by Raizō Terashima, at the time one of the top Kogetsu users, when he became annoyed with Kogetsu's popularity and the increasing power of Gunner bullets. He thus invented a new weapon to counter them with Shield and Scorpion as basis,[5] making it the last of the three main Attacker Triggers currently in use to be created.


Raygust has lower offensive power than Scorpion and Kogetsu,[6] and is considered primarily a defensive Trigger.[2] For these reasons and due to it being the heaviest blade, it is unpopular among Border agents.[7] Nonetheless, by combining it with Thruster, it is able to cut even through Escudo,[8] as well as to instantly destroy a fragile Raygust in Blade Mode.[9] However, the combo has been seen being blocked with a focused Shield,[10] which might have been due to the exceptionally low trion of the wielder.

Raygust's durability is also heavily influenced by the user's trion capacity.[11][12] When used by someone with a low trion amount like Osamu, a training Raygust can be broken by just two attacks of a Mole Mod,[13] whereas it was only chipped after Yūma parried several strikes from the same Trion Warrior.[14] Its durability can be maximized by changing it into a shield form in exchange for a drastic decrease in its offensive abilities.[2]

Yuma Raygust

Yūma changing Raygust's shape.

The blade can shapeshift to adjust to the user's preferred fighting style.[15] Its size can be reduced to make it lighter.[4] There are other ways to circumvent the considerable weight of this Trigger, such as combining it with its Optional Trigger Thruster to increase one's speed and mobility, even maneuvering in mid-air,[16] or throw it at the enemy.[4]

Like gun Triggers[17] and Kogetsu,[18] Raygust can be turned off in order to use other Triggers without being dispelled completely. In this case, the blade disappears, but the handle remains.[19] This allows the user not to spend trion and lose precious instants to conjure the handle every time the Trigger is needed. If the handle is lost or damaged, it can be conjured again[20][21] at the cost of some trion.


See also: Raygust Users

Raygust is known to be quite unpopular.[7] In fact, it has only 4 known users among Border's official agents,[22] 5 if its inventor has it in his Trigger set despite being an engineer. Nonetheless, they are all notable in some way: Osamu Mikumo[23] is the captain of the rising unit Tamakoma Second, Reiji Kizaki[7] is the sole Perfect All-Rounder[24] and the leader of Border's strongest unit,[25] and Kō Murakami[26] and Yukimaru Ichijō[27] are two of Border's seven highest-ranking Attackers.[28][29] The list excludes those members of branches who do not participate in rank battles.[30]


  • If there is indeed a rule according to which official agents must have two Shields in their Trigger set (one of which may be replaced with another Defense Trigger),[31] Raygust may count as a Defense Trigger, possibly due to its Shield Mode, and thus replace one of the Shields. In fact, Osamu is the only agent, excluding those using Bagworm Tag, to have only one Defense Trigger equipped.[32][33]


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