Keep hammering him just outside his range until the Raygust cracks!!

Yūko Kumagai on how to defeat Kō Murakami, in Nasu Unit 4.

(Shield Mode)[1]
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Kanji レイガスト「盾モード」
Rōmaji Reigasuto (Shīrudo Mōdo)
Creator  Raizō Terashima
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal (Mode)
Classification Kogetsu icon Attacker
- High durability and defensive power
- Shapeshifting shield
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 12
Anime Episode 6

Offensive Power E
Durability SS
Lightness D
Type Heavy

Raygust has a Shield Mode ((シールド)モード Shīrudo Mōdo?) which increases its durability at the expense of its offensive power.[1]


When in Shield Mode, Raygust's blade takes the form of a tall, slightly curved shield which can be held using the haft. Depending on the user's preference, the long axes of the shield and the handle can be either parallel[2] or perpendicular[3] to each other, depending on the user's preference.


This mode seems to have been part of Raygust's project since its inception.[BBF Q155]

Abilities Edit

Raygust receives a considerable boost to durability while in this mode, but its offensive abilities diminish drastically.[4] However, it remains an exceptional defensive tool, which can withstand relentless strikes from other Attacker[5] and Gunner Triggers[6] without so much as a crack. Kō Murakami demonstrated it can disperse the power of a Trigger as powerful as Gatlin's cannon, which was compared to a Black Trigger,[7] enough for it to be neutralized completely by a focused Shield.[8] Its curved surface seems to contribute to this process.[9] Like Blade Mode,[10] Shield Mode is affected by the user's trion capacity,[11] and with lower levels of it, the shield can be broken with only a few Eaglet shots.[12] If the handle can be conjured anew if lost[13] or damaged.[14]

Raygust in Shield Mode retains its shapeshifting function. It can be utilized to create an opening for a critical hit by immobilizing an enemy against a wall[15][16] or grabbing their weapon and throwing them off-balance,[3] or to anchor the user to the ground in preparation for a strong impact.[17] The durability of the shield varies slightly depending on the size of the surface area.[18]

Combined with Thruster, a Raygust in Shield Mode can be used for high-speed dodges and improved aerial movement,[19] to propel the user against the opponent[20] or to push the latter back at close range.[21] When timed correctly, propelling one's shield against an enemy who is about to use an explosive Trigger can cause the latter to detonate when they are still in its effective range, causing them to injure themselves.[22]


Name Description
Shield Charge anime Shield Charge (シールド突撃(チャージ) Shīrudo Chāji?) The user activates Thruster while Raygust is in Shield Mode in order to ram into the target at high speed, pushing them back.[23] By prolonging its duration, this technique can be used to forcibly relocate an opponent.[24]


See also: Raygust Users (section) and Raygust Users (page)

With the exception of Yukimaru Ichijō, all Raygust users have activated this mode, and in fact it seems to be generally preferred to Blade Mode.



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