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An option for Raygust. It accelerates the blade by emitting trion.

Osamu Mikumo about Thruster, in Osamu Mikumo 5.[1]

Thruster (スラスター Surasutā?) is an Optional Trigger exclusive to Raygust.


Thruster's physical medium is built into Raygust itself. When it is activated, Raygust glows[2] and leaves a luminous trail behind as it moves,[3] which is the trion used as propellant.


The origins of this Trigger are unknown, but it must have been created either at the same time as or after Raygust, since it is its exclusive Optional Trigger.


Thruster propels Raygust by shooting trion in the opposite direction.[1] The force generated can accelerate the blade for a high-speed slash[4] powerful enough to cut cleave through Escudo,[5] but also to carry the user along,[3] allowing them to quickly close in on the opponent,[6] dodge swiftly,[7] and change their position even while in the air for emergency maneuvers.[8] It can also be used to "fire" one's Raygust at the enemy,[9] which is commonly done by shrinking the size of the blade.[10] A Raygust thrown this way is particularly hard to deflect, since the propulsion continues for a few seconds.[11] One can also launch their Raygust in Shield Mode in a similar way,[12] a tactic that, when timed correctly, permits the user to push explosive bullets towards their shooter, causing them to destroy themselves.[13] It should be noted that Thruster cannot be activated remotely.[14] A short activation via a shield can be used to throw an opponent off-balance and knock them back at close range.[15]

Reiji Kizaki utilizes Thruster in a unique way: by holding the hilt of a Raygust without summoning a blade or shield, he can accelerate his punches,[16] one of which is powerful enough to lift[17] and throw[18] a Rabbit as well as to break through the thinnest part of Lampyris's defenses,[19] injuring Hyuse[20] despite having part of its force negated.[21]


Yukimaru Ichijō uses a customized Thruster.[22] Its abilities are currently unknown.


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Thruster is part of the Trigger set of all 4 known Raygust users: Reiji Kizaki,[23] Yukimaru Ichijō,[22] Kō Murakami[24] and Osamu Mikumo.[25] Ichijo is known to have a customized model.[22]


  • A thruster is a propulsive device used by spacecraft and watercraft.



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