The Reader Rank Battle was a project to celebrate World Trigger's 2nd year anniversary. It was a reader vote on a variety of topics. It was released on November 30, 2015, along with chapter 123.

Best Episode RankingEdit

  1. Chapter 21
  2. Chapter 29
  3. Chapter 79
  4. Chapter 85
  5. Chapter 83
  6. Chapter 80
  7. Chapter 56
  8. Chapter 60 and Chapter 95 (tie)
  9. N/A
  10. Chapter 36

Captain Candidate RankingEdit

  1. Haruaki Azuma
  2. Kei Tachikawa
  3. Replica
  4. Reiji Kizaki
  5. Masafumi Shinoda
  6. Sōya Kazama
  7. Osamu Mikumo
  8. Shūji Miwa
  9. Jun Arashiyama
  10. Yūichi Jin

Famous Quote RankingEdit

  1. Kei Tachikawa: "Feelings have nothing to do with strength. Power, strategy, and luck are what decide a battle."
  2. Yūichi Jin: "It's alright... the future is already moving."
  3. Osamu Mikumo: "Because that's what I must do!"
  4. Jun Arashiyama: "Arashiyama Unit on the scene."
  5. Ken Satori: "Arashiyama-san, did you see my Twin Snipe?"
  6. Kōtarō Suwa: "Come, Mr. Black Trigger. Let's play."
  7. Osamu Mikumo: "We will go and recover all the families and friends taken by the Neighbors. The question of 'responsibility' doesn't come into it. It is a matter of course."
  8. Yūma Kuga: "Even though my chances of winning are slim, I still can't run away."
  9. Yūma Kuga: "Replica!!"

Shūji Miwa: "Beanspeck!!"
Yūma & Miwa: "Tell me where the enemy is!!"

Desired Position RankingEdit

  1. Attacker
  2. Shooter
  3. Sniper
  4. Engineer
  5. All-Rounder