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This article is about Chapter 102. For the character, see Rei Nasu.

Rei Nasu (()() (れい) Nasu Rei ?) is Chapter 102 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu and Kuruma battle Nasu. Nasu manages to take out both of them, but uses Bail Out herself due to being out of Trion, giving Tamakoma Second the victory.

Long Summary[]

Nasu and Kuruma are locked in a firefight. As noted by Mikami and Tachikawa, she was using more maneuvers and obstacles to dodge and defend, respectively. With Kuruma crippled, he was slated to be defeated.

Hyuse gave his opinion: Nasu Squad's victory. He said that if he were Osamu, he would have Chika break the dam to cause flooding. Osamu does just this, since the water would decrease maneuverability, and if she tried to ascend to the building tops, Chika could easily snipe her.

Nasu attacks Kuruma with Tomahawk and he Bails Out. However, before he Bailed Out, he shot Hound bullets to pursue Nasu. Osamu attempts to attack Nasu at this point, but his attack fails. However, Kuruma's Hound attack works, severing Nasu's arm off. Osamu goes in for the kill with Thruster, but Nasu points out that he was still inexperienced, and uses Tomahawk bullets that she purposely did not have hit Kuruma to hit Osamu, having anticipated his movements.

Osamu uses Bail Out, but it is revealed that Yūma survived the river. Out of Trion, Nasu can no longer fight and is forced to Bail Out, giving Tamakoma Second the victory. Commenting on the outcome of the battle, Jin and Tachikawa praise the captains, but Tachikawa specifically points out Osamu as being a ruthless character due to his shrewdness.

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