Since then, she's afraid of asking for help from other people. This became a trauma.

–Rinji, about Chika.[1]

Rinji Amatori (雨取 麟児 Amatori Rinji?) is Chika's older brother, and Osamu's former tutor.[2]


Rinji is a young man of average age. He has slick, neck-length light brown hair, and also black eyes.


He is quite caring about Chika, as he explained to Osamu the pain Chika went through after losing her friend.[1]He doesn't seem to trust Border, for unknown reasons. He also seems to trust Osamu a lot, as he told him to take care of Chika should anything happen to him. However, later on, Chika describes him as an initiator, doing what he must if he wanted something.[3]