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Ruka Shinoda ((しの)() 瑠花(るか) Shinoda Ruka?) is chapter 200 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu and Yūma meet Ruka Shinoda, Yōtarō's biological sister. Jin reveals that she was in fact not the one who wanted to meet them.

Long Summary[]

Osamu and Yūma wonder whom Jin wanted them to meet. Shinoda and Sawamura arrive from HQ and bring a guest along with them: Yōtarō's sister Ruka Shinoda. Osamu asks why she has the surname "Shinoda" if she is Yōtarō's sister. Rindō explains that the situation is complicated, but Ruka puts it simply: Border's success is due to the efforts of Yōtarō and herself, along with Karasawa's hard work. Osamu compares her haughtiness to that of Yuiga. Shinoda and Sawamura leave; Ruka asks Sawamura to watch after Shinoda.

Cronin arrives at Tamakoma. He displays a stunt with Yōtarō that fails, but the latter is protected by being in a trion body. Rindō explains that the parents of Ruka and Yōtarō were killed by Neighbors, and that they pose as relatives of himself and Shinoda so that they can remain tied to Border. Rindō affirms that she is indeed important to Border. Jin arrives at Tamakoma, and Osamu asks him if Ruka was the one to meet. Jin denies it, stating that she was just in preparation for the real one.

Rata and Reghindetz prepare to leave the ship thirty minutes before sunset.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

No triggers appear over the course of this chapter


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