Ryō Utagawa is consider to be a highly skilled Attacker, specialized, like the rest of his team, in short, coordinated attacks and stealth combat. His unit being one of the few deemed capable of defeating a Black Trigger is further proof of his strength. However, he was easily injured by Jin using a sealed Fujin. He is actually an All-Rounder by Border's standard, but he has not used his Shooter skills set yet. His eye for the strength and weaknesses of the enemy allowed him to identify the Rabbit's radar.[1] He is also said to possess excellent athletic abilities, which caused him to be scouted by Usami.[2]


Ryō Utagawa's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Utagawa Bagworm
Classification: OP Option
Border's default Optional Trigger that renders the user invisible to Radar once activated.

Type: White trion Normal Scorpion
Utagawa Scorpion
Classification: AT Attacker
Utagawa is a skilled Scorpion user. The model used by his unit is slightly different from the standard, as it has a hollowed blade and stretches reach, being even more offense-oriented. As a speed-type Attacker, he generally dual-wields it for brief, fast-paced assaults, especially in conjunction with Chameleon, but can also fight with a single one. He is capable of changing its shape, turning it into a weapon with two shorter, curved blades.

Type: White trion Normal Chameleon
Utagawa Chameleon
Classification: OP Optional
Utagawa uses it to become invisible and approach the target unseen, switching then to the Scorpion to execute a surprise attack. However, if his location is correctly inferred, he is forced to become visible in order to activate another Trigger and defend himself. In various places on his uniform are devices that reduce the Chameleon's trion consumption.[3]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[4] 6 7 9 8 8 3 4 8 53