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Replica, in Tamakoma First 2.[1]


Kirie Sougetsu anime


Kanji 双月
Rōmaji Sōgetsu
User Kirie Konami
Organization BrDr Border
Border Emblem 2 Tamakoma Branch
Type White trion Normal
Classification Sougetsu icon Attacker
- Light and sharp edge weapon
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1 (Cameo)
Chapter 53 (Actual)
Anime Episode 1 (Cameo)
Episode 25 (Actual)

Sōgetsu (双月(そうげつ) Sōgetsu?, lit. Twin Moons) is a normal Trigger.


Sōgetsu looks like a hybrid between a knife and a hatchet. It has a black handle and bright yellow blades with a curved shape.


Since Konami dual-wielded Kogetsu during the days of Old Border,[2] which was said to be the only Attacker Trigger in existence until Scorpion was developed,[3] Sōgetsu was likely created some time after them.


Kirie trigger on

Konami gets ready to fight Yūma.

Black Trigger Capture ArcEdit

In the anime, Konami used Sōgetsu to fight Yūma

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

Konami uses Sōgetsu to easily bisect the Rabbits she is pitted against. She then attempts to fight Viza, but to no avail as he simply dodges or deflects her attacks. When he sends the Trion Warriors to the city, she uses Sōgetsu to cut them down, with help from Arashiyama Unit and Kako Unit.

B-rank Rank Battles ArcEdit

Konami uses Sōgetsu to fight Gatlin using powerful blows. She uses it to bisect both Gatlin and Tachikawa.


Kirie Sogetsu

Sōgetsu in use.

Sōgetsu is rather powerful, being capable of damaging the extremely durable armor of a Rabbit.[4] Nonetheless, it is very light and it can be held with only one hand, which makes it possible to use a dual-wielding style.[5] It is also durable enough to repel several attacks from Despinis wothout cracking.[5] Much like Kogetsu, it can be put back into its sheat to activate other Triggers, without the need to dispel it completely and reform it successively.[6] Sōgetsu has its own Optional Trigger, Connector, which can merge two of them into a single, enormous battle axe.[7]


The only known user of this Trigger is Kirie Konami, who has two in her Trigger set.[8]


  • Although each Sōgetsu is generated by its own chip, this Trigger's icon in the databook depicts two crossed Sōgetsu.[8]
  • Despite not being one of the Triggers exclusive to Tamakoma Branch,[9] Kirie Konami is Sōgetsu's sole user. WIthin that branch, Sōgetsu shares this characteristic with Reiji Kizaki's minigun.



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