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Tamakoma Triggers match the traits of their users.

Replica, in Tamakoma First 2.[1]

Kanji 双月
Rōmaji Sōgetsu
User Kirie Konami
Organization BrDr.png Border
Border Emblem 2.png Tamakoma Branch
Type White trion.png Normal
Classification Sougetsu icon.png Attacker
- Light and sharp edge weapon
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1 (Cameo)
Chapter 53 (Actual)
Anime Episode 1 (Cameo)
Episode 25 (Actual)

Sōgetsu (双月(そうげつ) Sōgetsu?, lit. Twin Moons) is a normal Trigger.


Sōgetsu looks like a hybrid between a knife and a hatchet. It has a black handle and bright yellow blades with a curved shape.


Since Konami dual-wielded Kogetsu during the days of Old Border,[2] which was said to be the only Attacker Trigger in existence until Scorpion was developed,[3] Sōgetsu was likely created some time after them.


Sōgetsu in use.

Sōgetsu is rather powerful, being capable of damaging the extremely durable armor of a Rabbit.[4] Nonetheless, it is very light and it can be held with only one hand, which makes it possible to use a dual-wielding style.[5] It is also durable enough to repel several attacks from Despinis wothout cracking.[5] Much like Kogetsu, it can be put back into its sheath to activate other Triggers, without the need to dispel it completely and reform it successively.[6] Sōgetsu has its own Optional Trigger, Connector, which can merge two of them into a single, enormous battle axe.[7]


The only known user of this Trigger is Kirie Konami, who has two in her Trigger set.[8]


  • Although each Sōgetsu is generated by its own chip, this Trigger's icon in the databook depicts two crossed Sōgetsu.[8]
  • Despite not being one of the Triggers exclusive to Tamakoma Branch,[9] Kirie Konami is Sōgetsu's sole user. WIthin that branch, Sōgetsu shares this characteristic with Reiji Kizaki's minigun.



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