It's pretty solid for something cracked. Oh well. Not like it really matters.

Kirie Konami before activating Connector, in Tamakoma First 2.[1]

Sōgetsu (Axe)[2]

Konami Vs Rabits

Sougetsu 2

Kanji 双月(斧)
Rōmaji Sōgetsu (Ono)
User Kirie Konami
Organization BrDrBorder

Border Emblem 2Tamakoma Branch

Type White trion Normal (Mode)
Classification AT Attacker (Sougetsu icon + Sougetsu icon + Optional)
- Very high offensive capabilities
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 55
Anime Episode 25

The Axe ((おの) Ono?) is the combination of two Sōgetsu via Connector.[3]


In this form, Sōgetsu takes the appearance of an enormous two-handed battle axe. It has an elongated black handle, with two blades on opposing sides of one end of the handle: a larger one (resembling a crescent/waning moon shape), and a smaller one. The section of the handle where the blades are is slightly larger than the rest, with a vertical pink line on each side.


Konami Sougetsu Axe

The axe in action.

Unlike other Border Triggers, which are meant to be used by agents with different levels of skill even in drawn-out battles, the guiding principle of the axe is firepower.[4] As a consequence, it has offensive capabilities incomparable to those of normal Attacker Triggers, with a single swing being enough to chop a Rabbit in two[5] and to cut off one of the upper arms of Vasilissa[6] after it had been cracked open by a Senkū Kogetsu slash,[7] and one of the lower ones completely on its own.[8] Both feats are remarkable, since it was believed that only a Black Trigger could damage Vasilissa.[9] In return, it consumes a lot of trion, and is thus not suited to long-term battles.[4] However, it can be easily dispelled in order to save trion and move more freely.[6]



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