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It's pretty solid for something cracked. Oh well. Not like it really matters.

Kirie Konami before activating Connector, in Tamakoma First 2.[1]

Sōgetsu (Axe)[2]
Kanji 双月(斧)
Rōmaji Sōgetsu (Ono)
User Kirie Konami
Organization BrDr.pngBorder

Border Emblem 2.pngTamakoma Branch

Type White trion.png Normal (Mode)
Classification AT.png Attacker (Sougetsu icon.png + Sougetsu icon.png + Optional.png)
- Very high offensive capabilities
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 55
Anime Episode 25

The Axe ((おの) Ono?) is the combination of two Sōgetsu via Connector.[3]


In this form, Sōgetsu takes the appearance of an enormous two-handed battle axe. It has an elongated black handle, with two blades on opposing sides of one end of the handle: a larger one (resembling a crescent/waning moon shape), and a smaller one. The section of the handle where the blades are is slightly larger than the rest, with a vertical pink line on each side.


The axe in action.

Unlike other Border Triggers, which are meant to be used by agents with different levels of skill even in drawn-out battles, the guiding principle of the axe is firepower.[4] As a consequence, it has offensive capabilities incomparable to those of normal Attacker Triggers, with a single swing being enough to chop a Rabbit in two[5] and to cut off one of the upper arms of Vasilissa[6] after it had been cracked open by a Senkū Kogetsu slash,[7] and one of the lower ones completely on its own.[8] Both feats are remarkable, since it was believed that only a Black Trigger could damage Vasilissa.[9] In return, it consumes a lot of trion, and is thus not suited to long-term battles.[4] However, it can be easily dispelled in order to save trion and move more freely.[6]



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