Konami's guiding concept is "firepower". By creating a connected Trigger, the power in one strike dramatically increases. It's for short-term battles, ignoring trion efficiency.

Replica, in Tamakoma First 2.[1]


Konami Connector


Kanji 接続器
Rōmaji Konekutā
User Kirie Konami
Organization BrDrBorder

Border Emblem 2Tamakoma Branch

Type White trion Normal
Classification Optional Optional(Prototype/Exclusive)
- Combining two Sōgetsu in a more powerful weapon
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 55
Anime Episode 25

Connector (接続器(コネクター) Konekutā?, lit. Connector/Coupler) is a prototype Optional Trigger[2] exclusive to Tamakoma Branch. It is Kirie Konami's personal Trigger.[3]


When it is activated, the tip of the handle of each Sōgetsu disappears, and from both emerges a green and white, flat parallelepiped. When the two touch, a green light is emitted from the point of contact and the weapons begin to merge and quickly transform into a large axe.


Like the other Tamakoma-exclusive Triggers, Connector was developed from technology Takumi Rindō brought back from the Neighborhood.[1] It is currently considered a prototype not approved by Border's HQ.[1]


Connector is an Optional Trigger exclusive to Sōgetsu.[3] It can combine two of them into an enormous axe.[4] The power of the connected Trigger is much higher than that of its individual components.[1] However, Connector consumes a large mount of trion, which renders it unsuited to long-term battles.[1] To circumvent this problem, it is sufficient to deactivate Connector when the axe is not needed.[5] Like other Optional Triggers reserved for Attackers, it can (and must) be activated while two Sōgetsu are in use.[6] Due to the superiority of this Trigger over standard ones, its user cannot participate to rank battles.[7]


The only user of this Trigger is Kirie Konami.[3]



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