You idiot!! You're already in Kura-boy's range.

Maori Hosoi to Kai Minamisawa.[1]

Salamander (Kurauchi)
Kanji 誘導炸裂弾
Rōmaji Saramandā
User Kazuki Kurauchi
Masataka Ninomiya
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal (Composite Bullet)
Classification GU Gunner (Hound icon + Meteora icon)
- Explosive bullets
- Wide range
- Homing projectiles
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 153

Salamander (誘導炸裂弾(サラマンダー) Saramandā?, lit. Tracking Explosive Bullet) is a Border Trigger and the composite bullet created through the combination of Hound and Meteor.[2]


Salamander looks identical to Hound mid-flight, and its explosions are no different from Meteor's.[3] When used by a Shooter, the size of its bullets depends on their number and the trion capacity of the user.


Since composite bullets were created by Kōhei Izumi,[4] Salamander could not have existed until three years prior to Yūma's enlistment in Border.[5]


Salamander can pursue the target like Hound and, like Meteor, explodes upon impact.[3] Its blast radius is considerably wide.[3]

As a composite bullet, Salamander is very powerful, but, when used by Shooters, it requires times and focus to be created, rendering the user vulnerable in the process, so it cannot be used uniformly.[6] The time necessary to merge the two trion cubes ranges from one minute for inexperienced users to a mere two seconds for masters.[7]


The only known users of this Trigger are Kazuki Kurauchi[1] and Masataka Ninomiya.[8]


  • This Trigger is named after the salamander, an amphibian which was once believed to possess an affinity with and resistance to fire.
    • Alternatively, it may be derived from the He 162 series of fighter aircrafts, as the plane was also called "Salamander".



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