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Some heavy bombing attacks right off the bat! Captain Ninomiya's Salamander is starting this battle off with a bang!

Sakurako Taketomi, about Masataka Ninomiya's Salamander.[1]

Salamander (誘導炸裂弾(サラマンダー) Saramandā?, lit. Tracking Explosive Bullet) is a composite bullet created through the combination of Hound and Meteor.[3]


Salamander looks identical to Hound mid-flight, and its explosions are no different from Meteor's.[4]


Since composite bullets were discovered by Kōhei Izumi,[5] Salamander could not have existed until three years prior to Chika Amatori's and Yūma Kuga's enlistment in Border.[6]


Salamander retains Hound's homing capabilities, combining them with Meteor's explosive properties.[4] Like other composite bullets, it is capable of damaging a trion body and cause extensive damage to constructs not made out of trion.[4][7][8] It can be utilized in trion cube form[9][10] or fired through a Gun Trigger.[11] In the latter case, the only known specific is that the firearm is set to shoot exclusively Salamander;[11] in the former, the user conjures one Hound cube and one Meteor cube, one from the Main and one from the Sub, and merges them into a single Salamander cube.[9][10] The process lasts between one minute for inexperienced agents and two seconds for Shooters of Izumi's caliber,[12] during which the user is vulnerable to attack; for this reason, Salamander cannot be used uniformly in this configuration.[13]


The only known users of this Trigger are Kazuki Kurauchi[2] and Masataka Ninomiya.[1]


  • This Trigger is named after the salamander, an amphibian which was once believed to possess an affinity with and resistance to fire.
    • Alternatively, it may be derived from the Heinkel He 162 series of fighter aircrafts, as the plane was also called "Salamander".


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