Second Large-Scale Invasion
Neighbor Attack 3.jpg
Location Mikado City
Date January 15
Outcome Border successfully repelled Aftokrator's force; however, 32 C- Class agents had been captured by enemy force.

Black Trigger

Black Trigger

Damage Sustained/Casualties
Arc Large-Scale Invasion Arc
Previous Border Member Official Enlistment Day
Next Tamakoma Second vs. Yoshizato Unit vs. Mamiya Unit
Simultaneous Kazama Unit vs. Enedra
Border Agents vs. Lamvanein
Tamakoma First vs. Viza and Hyuse
Yūma Kuga vs. Viza
Yūichi Jin vs. Hyuse
Border vs. Hairein and Mira
Shūji Miwa and Osamu Mikumo vs. Hairein and Mira
Chapter(s) 43 -85
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Background[edit | edit source]

Aftokrator's god, who powered their star, was dying so Aftokrator sent their forces into neighboring countries to scout anyone who had a large Trion capacity, so they could be a replacement for their god.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The third Neighbor attack, or more commonly know as The Second Large-Scale Invasion happened on January 15, four and a half years after The First Large-Scale Invasion.

Over 100 gates from the Neighbor world or Neighborhood appeared in the Forbidden Zone within a minute. All of the Trion Soldiers were used in this attack, including a new type.

The aim of this attack was to gather trigger controllers from Border agents, but since A-rank and B-rank both have the Bail Out function their aim was to capture C-rank agents who didn't have the Bail Out function. They prioritized Chika because of her large Trion capacity, which could be enough to be a god.

Border successfully repelled the Neighbors who were attacking-Aftokrator however, 32 C-rank agents had been captured by the enemy, Aftokrator. Osamu had been hit badly and was in a coma. One of Aftokrator's soldiers, Hyuse was left behind, and Enedra was killed by Mira.

When the new type capture someone, they open their stomach and turn the person into a Trion Cube. If an A-rank or B-rank does not Bail Out they can still be taken by the new type.

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