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Second Large-Scale Invasion
Neighbor Attack 3.jpg
Location Mikado City
Date unknown but at least after January 9th
Outcome Border successfully repelled Aftokrator's force; however, 32 C-Rank agents had been captured by enemy force.

Black Trigger

Black Trigger

Damage Sustained/Casualties
Arc Large-Scale Invasion Arc
Previous Border Member Official Enlistment Day
Next Tamakoma Second vs. Yoshizato Squad vs. Mamiya Squad
Chapter(s) 43-85
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Aftokrator's god, who powered their star, was dying so Aftokrator sent their forces into neighboring countries to scout anyone who had a large Trion capacity, so they could be a replacement for their god.


The third Neighbor attack, or more commonly known as The Second Large-Scale Invasion or The Aftokrator Invasion the date this happened is unknown but it has to occur after January 9th at least, and four and a half years after The First Large-Scale Invasion.

Over 100 gates from the Neighborhood appeared in the Forbidden Zone within a minute. All of the Trion Soldiers were used in this attack, including a new type.

When the new type capture someone, they open their stomach and turn the person into a Trion Cube. If an A-rank or B-rank does not Bail Out they will be taken by the new type.

The aim of this attack was to gather trigger users from Border agents, but since A-rank and B-rank both have the Bail Out function so their aim was to capture C-rank agents who didn't have the Bail Out function. They later prioritized Chika because of her large Trion capacity, which could be enough to be a god.


Border successfully repelled the Neighbors who were attacking-Aftokrator however, 32 C-rank agents had been captured by the enemy, Aftokrator. Osamu had been stabbed by Mira and was in a coma. One of Aftokrator's soldiers, Hyuse was left behind, and Enedra was killed by Mira.


Kazama Squad vs. Enedra[]

Border Agents vs. Lamvanein[]

Tamakoma First vs. Viza and Hyuse[]

Yūma Kuga vs. Viza[]

Yūichi Jin vs. Hyuse[]

Border vs. Hyrein and Mira[]

Shūji Miwa and Osamu Mikumo vs. Hyrein and Mira[]


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